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FAQs - Audio

Q How do I send Pacific Transcription my audio recordings?

We provide clients with an account on Pacific Transcription's secure website. When you have an audio file ready for transcription, you simply upload the file to your account and any instructions can be added at the same time. 

Q What if I have a tape, CD, video or DVD?

Pacific Transcription can transcribe your tapes, CDs, videos or DVDs. These items should be express posted or couriered to us.

Q How do I ensure my dictations are clear and easy to transcribe?

Pacific Transcription works with all major dictation and transcription platforms including Olympus, Philips, and Sony, and is compatible with all types of audio files.

Professionals choosing to conduct their dictation using a digital audio recorder are able to simply upload their audio files to a secure online account with us. Completed letters and reports are then produced within a timeframe of your choosing.

Specialised dictation recorders simplify the dictation process, providing navigable controls for ease of dictation and high quality close range recording. Pacific Transcription specifically recommends Olympus recorders, and retails these through our online shop.

When recording audio-dictation, there are a number of key pointers to keep in mind. To read more, visit the Pacific Transcription blog for a list of our Top 12 Tips for Dictating.