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Servicing Australian Professionals since 2002

university, focus group and interview transcription

Research Transcription

Transcription of interviews and focus groups for academic and professional research, including transcripts compatible with qualitative analysis software NVivo. Read more »

transcription of hospital files, doctors letters and patient reports

Medical Transcription

Typing for specialists, hospitals, radiology and medico-legal firms; integration with medical practice software, such as Genie, and various radiology platforms. Read more »

dictation typing for lawyers, barristers and attorneys

Legal Transcription

Typing for law firms and barristers including, letters, file notes, memos and records of interview. Our Court Reporters and Stenographers can also attend your premises for live transcription. Read more »

transcription of  AGMs, radio and doorstop interviews, conference calls and financial briefings

Finance & Media

Express transcription of AGMs, radio and doorstop interviews, conference calls and financial briefings. Read more »

translation, captioning, minute taking

Other Services

Our other services include minute taking, stenocaptioning, and captioning and subtitling. Read more »

About Pacific Transcription

Pacific Transcription is an Australian transcription company that specialises in key fields including legal and medical transcription services, radiology typing, medico-legal work, typing of research interviews and focus groups, finance and media transcripts, stenography services and professional minute taking.

Pacific Transcription provides turnaround times for audio transcription services to match your requirements, ranging from two hours to two weeks.

Pacific Transcription is ISO 9001 certified, which means we embrace the concept of delivering quality services and products to our  clients through a continual improvement process.  

As a national company, Pacific Transcription has typists in all major cities around Australia, and regularly handles large volumes of  audio whilst still providing excellent audio transcription services to smaller clients. 

Our friendly staff are always available for immediate phone and email support during business hours.

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Added: 12 October 2017

Should you discolose the nature of your audio files to your trusted transcription company? Absolutely!

Disclosing the nature of your audio files is important - find out more...

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Added: 11 September 2017

Why does Pacific use reCAPTCHA on online forms?

re-CAPTCHA - just one of the many ways Pacific protects client data and security....

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Added: 5 May 2017

Pacific's Three Direct Dictating Methods - At Your Fingertips!

Medical and legal professionals benefit from Pacific’s three direct dictation services – find out how!...

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Added: 22 March 2017

Release the Pressure with Pacific's Prepaid Transcription Service

Pacific's Prepaid Transcription Service helps Researchers meet their grant requirements......

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Added: 25 October 2016

Pacific's Quote Calculator Helps Australian Researchers

Pacific's Quote Calculator is a handy tool which assists Pacific staff to provide clients with accurate assessment of transcription costs....

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Added: 6 October 2016

Foot Pedal Compatibility - Introducing the Olympus Foot Switch Configuration Tool

Read about the latest developments in transcription and dictation technology at Pacific Transcription's blog....

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Added: 1 September 2016

5 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Researchers

Keyboard shortcuts help researchers quickly find, retrieve, and relocate critical information....

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Added: 9 August 2016

Update Your Web Browser

Keeping your web browsers up-to-date is important for data security and usability...

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Added: 13 July 2016

How Pacific's ISO Certification Benefits All Clients

Through ISO Certification we measure, report and improve our service. We are accountable to you....

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Added: 12 July 2016

Three Top Dictating Tips for Medical Professionals

Find out how to get the most out of your well honed dictating skills....

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Added: 17 June 2015

Pacific Transcription achieves ISO:9001 accreditation

Pacific Transcription achieves ISO:9001 accreditation, and continues to provide a suite of quality services to every client....

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Added: 19 March 2015

Need 256-bit AES encryption? Use the Olympus DS-7000

256-bit AES encryption for electronic data is important and essential for government departments, medical practices and others...

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Added: 19 February 2015

What makes a GREAT Dictation app? Dictation Apps on SmartPhones

Dictation Apps - What makes a GREAT Dictation app? Read our blog article...

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Added: 7 January 2015

Outsourcing your transcription makes good business sense

Now's the time to take the plunge! Outsource your transcription to Pacific Transcription and save time, money and your sanity!...

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Added: 5 January 2015

Who's who in the Pacific Solutions network!

We at Pacific Transcription are the Australasian branch of the global Pacific Solutions network...

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Added: 12 December 2014

Australian Universities adopt Acoustic Magic Voice Trackers as lecture microphone of choice

Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Array Microphones are being used in university lecture theatres and classrooms across Australia - read on...

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Added: 5 December 2014

Dictate + Connect Dictation App for iPhones - recommended by Pacific Transcription

Pacific Transcription recommends the Dictate + Connect dictation app for iPhones, for use by our professional clients who dictate daily....

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Added: 27 November 2014

Discounts for Not-For-Profit Organisations

Did you know that Pacific Transcription offers a discount for not-for-profit organisations and students paying for transcription out of their own pocket?...

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Added: 12 November 2014

Is Your Research Grant Running Out?

Is your research grant running out? Don't despair, use Pacific Transcription's prepaid transcription service, available now for purchase....

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Added: 17 July 2014

Are you wondering what your research transcripts will actually look like?

Do you have special requirements around speaker identification, or maybe you just want to know more about the different options available?...

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Added: 11 March 2014

Need to change the Author ID on your DS-5000? Check out Pacific's blog for handy tips and pointers.

Pacific Transcription's blog is full of handy tips and pointers - check it out now!...

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