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Pacific Transcription is the Australasian branch of the global Pacific Solutions network. An internationally focussed company, we service clients in all major Australian cities and across the globe.

Pacific Transcription is a wholly Australian-owned company. We have provided high-quality, specialised transcription services Australia-wide since 2002. If you are looking for a professional transcription service, we have typists in all major cities across the country.

Our transcription services offer specialised solutions in key fields; from legal and medical transcription, through the transcribing of recorded video calls, the typing of academic interviews, finance transcripts and stenography services as well as live captioning through to professional minute taking.

At Pacific Transcription, we are a part of the global Pacific Solutions network so you can also enjoy the benefits of worldwide access to transcription specialists in globally key fields.

Whether you are a typist or a client, having access to our transcription services unlocks a world of possibilities for your transcription needs.

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The Benefits of Choosing Pacific Transcription

Choose us for your next transcription project and benefit from these exclusive perks.

An ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified Transcription Service

Our ISO 9001 certification means we deliver quality services and products to clients, and are always looking for opportunities to provide you with an increasingly improving suite of solutions.

We successfully maintain and continually improve our information security management  system, for our benefit and your benefit, as evidenced by our ISO 27001 certification.

From A Volume Capable Service Provider

With typists in all major cities around Australia, we regularly handle large volumes of work whilst still providing excellent audio transcription services to clients of all sizes.

Whether you are a large legal firm or an academic researcher working alone, we can help you with your transcription needs.

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At Pacific Transcription, we are ISO 9001 certified – we deliver the highest quality professional transcription services and products to our clients through continuous improvement processes.

As a company that delivers high-quality professional transcription services around the globe, we are GDPR compliant, because we treat your privacy seriously, and make it our top priority.

We maintain ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognised standard on information security management, which demonstrates just one of the many ways we keep our client’s information, and our information, safe and secure.

For transcription services Australia-wide, we have typists in all major cities across the country. We regularly handle large volumes of work whilst providing excellent audio transcription services to all our clients.

Get your video or audio professionally transcribed with our transcription service; a simple process completed in five easy steps.

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  1. You record audio or video. Get started by recording the audio or video you would like transcribed.
  2. You upload your files to your Pacific Transcription account. Simply log into your Pacific Transcription account and upload your files and we will get to work.
  3. We type your recording. We listen to your audio or video file and transcribe its contents into text for you.
  4. We quality check your file. Because we pride ourselves on providing a high quality transcription service, we review your transcription for accuracy and quality before sending it back to you.
  5. We return the finished file to you. Once the quality check is complete, we return the transcribed files to you.

To start using our transcription service, become a Pacific Transcription client by creating an account here.

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Data Security in The Cloud – What This Means for Pacific Transcription Clients

Data security in the cloud, privacy protections, and confidentiality remain key factors clients consider before engaging a transcription company to transcribe their confidential and highly sensitive recordings.

Read this article to find out how Pacific Transcription’s recent move to the cloud and IT infrastructure improvements provide added protection to client data and improve data security in the cloud.



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