Olympus AS-9001 Dictation Module ODMS R7 (Windows)/DSS Player for Mac


The latest and most advanced dictation management software from Olympus.

ODMS R7 (Olympus Dictation Management System Release 7) (for Windows)/ DSS Player for Mac  – Dictation Module, is the software provided as standard with the Olympus DS-9500 and Olympus DS-9000 digital dictaphones.

This dictation module is for you if you need to install the ODMS dictation module on a second computer or if you have replaced your computer and have misplaced your original licence key.

Free Trial

Download the ODMS R7 Dictation Module here and test free of charge for 60 days. You can read more about how to install the software and use the trial on the Olympus website here.


Please note this software is sold as an electronic license key, no hard copy will be posted.



Key features:

  • Automatic, real-time background speech recognition with Dragon (Windows only)*
  • Set up wireless networks and wirelessly transfer files – only if you are using the DS-9500
  • Record, play, manage, and edit dictation files
  • Configure Olympus professional dictaphones (Olympus DS-9500, Olympus DS-9000, DS-7000 & DS-3500) & USB microphones
  • Supports direct recording using Olympus USB microphones – Olympus RM-4110S, Olympus RM4015P, Olympus RM-4010P & RM-4100S
  • Supports hands free recording with Olympus professional dictaphones, using Olympus RS-31H foot pedal and Olympus CR-21 docking station
  • Create default email subject lines and messages for files transferred by email
  • Setup wizard guides you through device configuration process with ease
  • Map several Dragon profiles with your Author ID*
  • Configure multiple Author IDs for the same voice recorder
  • Data security: four-digit PIN code grants access to your voice recorder, with 256-bit AES encryption protecting your dictations when being transferred
  • Optional central administration via Olympus System Configuration Program**

*Dragon NaturallySpeaking must be purchased and installed separately.

**Olympus SCP licence must be purchased and installed separately.

This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows versions 10, 8, 7, and the corresponding Mac software (DSS Player Plus) is compatible with Mac OS X versions 10.10 – 10.13.

ODMS R7 supports virtual environment,and is compatible with Citrix XenDesktop as well as XenApp Published Desktop and XenApp Published Application. It also supports Terminal Services provided by Windows Server products, allowing this product to be used via the Terminal Services Client Virtual Driver

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