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Olympus RS-31H Foot Pedal

Olympus RS-31H Foot Pedal


Introducing the new Olympus RS-31H foot pedal – it has four buttons, and, unlike its predecessors, is compatible with many third party applications. 


Use this foot pedal in conjunction with Olympus AS-7002 transcription software (sold separately) or experiment with a variety of transcription software currently on the market. 

The fourth button provides extra functionality, and also features a lockable centre and top paddle for extra security, and comes with a USB adapter and serial port. 

When used in conjunction with the DS-7000 or the DS-3500 professional digital dictaphones, hands free dictation is possible, too. 

Please note that this foot pedal does not come with any transcription software.   If you require Olympus transcription software, please consider purchasing ODMS R6 AS-7002 transcription software, or the Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit, which comes with the latest software, a foot pedal and a headset.

*The RS-31 Footpedal is the foot pedal which accompanies the Olympus AS-7000 Digital Transcription Kit.