Philips SpeechMike Premium SMP3700 Touch

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The Philips SMP3700 SpeechMike Premium Touch is a precision microphone with a new touch sensor for integrated mouse function, ensuring easier navigation.

Great for use with Dragon Professional.

Intuitive Touch Sensor

The touch sensor enables easy control and navigation within applications while recording, without having to switch between the mouse and microphone. It is durable, easy to use and configure, perfectly positioned on the device, yet unobtrusive. Pay attention to the touch sensor speed setting function – there’s a wide range available which will suit most preferences.  Keep in mind that it is very easy to go back into the Configuration Wizard to adjust the settings.

Integrated pop filter

Fleece is inserted above and below the microphone capsule to filter out sound distortions such as pop and hiss noise.

Large speaker area

The extra-large speaker at the base of the device enables clear and crisp quality playback.

Polished antimicrobial housing

The housing and buttons are made of antimicrobial synthetics that work against a wide range of different microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or algae. The polished metal surface reduces touch noises and fingerprints.

Freely configurable keys

The configurable keys are especially useful for programming speech recognition commands, and can be personalised to any user and application.

Highly compatible

It’s easy to upgrade from a previous version of SpeechMike, without installing additional software.

Mac and PC compatible

The SpeechMike Premium Touch is compatible with most Mac and Windows operating system, as well as virtual environments such as Citrix VM Ware and Hyper V.


The SpeechMike Premium Touch can be easily configured using either the Speech Control, the convenient Philips hardware management tool, or Speech Exec Pro Dictation software. If you are using the SMP3700 SpeechMike Premium Touch with Philips Speech Exec Professional Dictation software, the process for configuring the SpeechMike is straightforward. Simply plug the SpeechMike, via a USB connection, into your computer, open up Speech Exec Pro Dictation software, and run the SpeechMike Configuration Wizard.

Optional Accessories:


Key Features:

  • Motion sensor – The motion sensor mutes the microphone when not in use, facilitates clear speech recordings, and provides the perfect environment for accurate speech recognition results.
  • The SpeechMike Premium Touch is the perfect partner for Nuance’s Dragon speech recognition software. I’m using the SpeechMike Premium Touch and Dragon Professional Individual software right now to dictate this product description.
  • Philips have spent a lot of time designing and engineering the microphone grill which features specially designed hexagonal openings which allow three times more sound to reach the microphone than its predecessors.
  • At the top of the device is a state-of-the-art, free-floating microphone which is decoupled from the devices housing. The decoupled microphone guarantees that almost no background noise, including touch, click, air, or structure-borne noise, is recorded. Similar technology is used in top end recording studios where sound distortion must be eliminated to produce the desired results.
  • The incorporation of this technology into the SpeechMike Premium Touch guarantees outstanding speech recognition results.
  • The SpeechMike Premium Touch is ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly into the hand, whilst reducing unintentional pressing of buttons. The SMP 3700 is a push button design and includes a command button on the back of the device.

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