Jabra Speak 750 – Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone


Experience the next generation

Improve the quality of your meetings with full duplex audio, save time and money with plug-and-play and instantly connect your Speak 750 to Microsoft Teams. Statistics show that 36% of office workers use speakerphones already, when making video calls. Join the trend now!

Hear and be heard when it matters

Full duplex audio allows everyone to speak and be heard simultaneously, so they experience natural two-way conversations, and a more effective collaboration.

Certified for Microsoft Teams

Connect to your team instantly with a touch of the Microsoft Teams button.

Scalability with unique wireless linking option

Link two Speak 750 units with a single touch on the Link Button to double your room coverage from 6 to 12 people and get a full stereo experience.

In-room coverage for up to 6 people

Flexible device for individuals or small collaboration groups.





What is full duplex?

Full duplex is when a simultaneous transmission of data is enabled between connected systems. The most familiar example of a full-duplex communication channel is telephony, where both participants in a call can send and receive audio simultaneously. The Jabra 750 has full duplex audio enabled so users can have natural and realistic conversations with nobody being cut-off. Not interested in full duplex audio? Save money by purchasing the Jabra 710.

Built for remote collaboration
Jabra Speak 750 seamlessly integrates with all leading platforms such as Skype for Business and is certified for Microsoft Teams, boosting UC adoption with great user experiences that you will simply love.
Designed for small meeting rooms
Since huddle room meetings are usually crowded, the premium full duplex audio allows everyone to speak and be heard simultaneously. Fewer interruptions, better conversations and more effective collaboration.
Certified for Microsoft Teams
Built to fit in with the way the modern world works, the Microsoft Teams variant has a dedicated Microsoft Teams button and a supporting LED light located next to it. The Microsoft Teams button lights up purple, and the supporting LED light flashes white for notifications. Tap the Microsoft Teams button to join meetings and check for any missed calls, voicemails and see any upcoming calls.

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