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NVivo 12 Pro for Windows Full Licence

NVivo 12 Pro for Windows Full Licence


NVivo is a qualitative research analysis program used by hundreds of thousands of researchers worldwide.


Recently QSR released NVivo 12 Pro for Windows, enabling more data types and more complex analysis - 



    • Import and analyse text
    • Theme, case and in-vivo coding
    • Review coding with coding stripes and highlights
    • Text search, word frequency and coding queries
    • Charts, word clouds, word trees, explore and comparison diagrams
    • Import articles from reference management software
    • Import from note-taking software
    • Import notes directly from Evernote
    • Memos and annotations
  • Import and analyse images, video, spreadsheets, online surveys, web data and information from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Relationship coding
  • Autocode by structure
  • Merge projects
  • Matrix coding and coding comparison queries
  • Import directly from SurveyMonkey


Pacific Transcription is an authorised reseller of NVivo.

Find out more about synchronised transcription for NVivo and the other NVivo compatible formatting offered by Pacific Transcription.  

NOTE:  As there is no hardware with this product, please ensure when placing your order via our online shop you tick the "pick up only" shipping option so that you are not charged any freight.  

We will issue you an electronic tax invoice once payment has been received.  We will also email you secure information on how to access your NVivo licence.  Please note that you need an internet connection to be able to access your NVivo purchase.