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SpeechMike Pro Premium LFH-3510 USB

SpeechMike Pro Premium LFH-3510 USB


The latest release Philips SpeechMike Pro Premium LFH-3510 USB is a high speed USB 2 point 0 SpeechMike with slide switch execution.  

What sets the latest release Philips SpeechMike Pro Premium series apart from their predecessors and competitors alike is the unprecedented sound quality and ease-of-use.


With a free-floating studio quality microphone and new grille design with larger speaker hole area for crisp and clear playback recording quality, the Philips SpeechMike Premium series has set a new standard in digital desktop dictation.  

Forget the clunky dictaphone with its bulk and size; instead try a sleek, streamlined, ergonomically superior SpeechMike Premium Series.    Combine a SpeechMike Premium with efficient SpeechExec Pro dictation software and you've got a high-performing, professionally superior, low maintenance, well-balanced digital desktop dictation solution that will be the envy of your colleagues.  

The Philips SpeechMike Premium Series – LFH-3500, 3600, 3510 and 3610 – breakthrough dictation technologies for the discerning professional. 

Like the rest of the Premium series SpeechMikes, the LFH-3510 has the following standard features and benefits:

  • New microphone suspension for improved recording quality and accuracy
  • A sophisticated pearl metal coloured frame
  • Large speaker hole area for crisp and clear recording playback
  • Self-cleaning stainless steel trackball for a lifetime of smooth operation
  • Durable buttons guaranteeing unchanged tactile feeling over the lifetime of the SpeechMike
  • High quality drop resistance with double wall thickness for robust and extended use
  • Detachable cable for extended lifetime
  • Versatile usability across most computer environments with the low power USB port demand
  • Intuitive design and functionality for blind operation and control of PC applications with the clickable dynamic laser trackball and enhanced front keypad mechanism
  • Integrated motion sensor to avoid unintended recordings
  • Configurable scroll wheel function
  • Built-in playback volume control for convenience
  • Four programmable function keys to get the most out of your SpeechMike
  • Greater flexibility for speech recognition commands through the NEW "instruction" button (only for button devices LFH-3500 and 3600)
  • Versatile and backwards compatibility for continued seamless integration into established work environments, including Citrix 
  • Outstanding speech recognition compatibility -  including free-floating, decoupled microphone and polished cabinet and buttons which eliminate touch and click noises, improved noise cancelling effect, integrated pop filter, and highly optimised frequency response.

Optional Accessories: