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Winscribe Professional Dictation App Licence

Winscribe Professional Dictation App Licence


Send your dictations directly to Pacific Transcription for transcribing, using the Winscribe Professional Mobile Dictation App Licence. 

While the app is free you need to purchase a licence in order to connect to the Pacific Transcription server.  For only $249 you can get UNLIMITED dictation access (transcription costs additional). 

The Winscribe Professional Mobile Dictation App is designed for use on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones, and on the iPad and Android tablets. 

You can edit and review your dictations, add notes or file instructions or mark a file as a priority.

You can download a free trial of this app from Apple, Android or BlackBerry stores; however it will not be connected to our systems until a licence is purchased.

NOTE:  As there is no hardware with this product, please ensure when placing your order via our online shop you tick the "pick up only" shipping option so that you are not charged any freight. 

We will issue you an electronic tax invoice once payment has been received.  We will also email you secure information on how to access and use your Winscribe licence purchase.  Please note that you need an internet connection to be able to access your Winscribe purchase.

So How Does Winscribe Work?

Winscribe provides professionals with full dictation functionality, which means users can effectively and efficiently manage their dictation and transcription processes from anywhere, allowing users to upload and send dictations securely, route work directly to a secretary or transcription team, monitor progress of sent jobs, and minimise the need for added hardware, a sometimes costly expense.

The Winscribe Professional Mobile Dictation app communicates directly with the Winscribe server.  As soon as an internet connection is present dictations are sent immediately; and when a connection is not present, dictations are saved to the local device or flash memory card and sent promptly when a connection is restored.  The Winscribe server utilises a secure HTTPS transmission which meets the requirements for secure client data transmission, and some devices can also be configured to use 128-bit encryption ensuring patient/client confidentiality is never compromised. 

Key Features:

  • Increased productivity and flexibility - work from anywhere, at any time, securely and safely
  • All-in-one tool – you don't need a variety of complicated hardware
  • Streamlined dictation to transcription process – improved document turnaround time with "automatically routed for recognition" option; records high quality audio suitable for use with Winscribe's server based speech recognition option; increased document accuracy with ability to upload client/patient demographics as attachments
  • Efficient and well-designed functionality – Record, Playback, Rewind/Forward, Online/Offline functionality, Insert/Overwrite, Attach pictures to jobs, Save to drafts folder, Send immediately, View job progress.

The Winscribe Professional Mobile Dictation app is compatible with many iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones, and on the iPad and Android tablets.