Olympus LS-P5 Recorder (with bluetooth)


The new release Olympus LS-P5 is an extremely versatile recorder that can faithfully record the original sounds of a wide variety of scenes, from music to video production to business situations

High-performance TRESMIC II microphone

This recorder is equipped with three large high-performance directional microphones. Together, they deliver high quality sound and enhanced recording performance.

Compact, high-performance linear PCM recorder

Despite the large, high-performance microphones and two batteries, the recorder features a compact design measuring 39.6 x 112.2 x 16.1 mm, and weighing approximately 78 g (including batteries). This high-performance linear PCM audio recorder is highly versatile and can be attached to a tripod or camera or used for business situations.

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Download the app

Download the free DVR.Remote App for iOS and Android to control your LS-P5 from your mobile device. Click here to find out how to pair the app with your recorder.

Available on the App StoreApp available on the Google Play Store


Olympus LS-P5 | All-In-One High Resolution Audio Recorder

Click here to view a playlist that contains tutorial videos on how to use the LS-P5.

High-performance TRESMIC II microphone

The Olympus LS-P5 recorder covers all areas of sound in a single unit. Inputs from three microphones can be mixed to change the directionality while maintaining audio quality. Directionality can be set in 21 levels. Choose the optimal settings depending on what you want to record, from birdsong to lectures. The audio recording level is automatically adjusted according to the zoom microphone.











The recorder features sound pressure resistance levels up to 125 dB SPL, making it possible to faithfully record distortion-free sound sources across a wide dynamic range, from aeroplanes to loud musical performances and even classical music.

The LS-P5 supports long recording times. Whether you’re wanting to record long meetings or a live performance, with  the large-capacity 16 GB internal memory and the ability to use a microSDXC card, you will not have to worry about running out of space.

Convenient Bluetooth connection

The LS-P5 can also be remotely operated using the DVR.Remote (iOS/Android) smartphone app. Place the LS-P5 in the optimal place for the sound source and control it from your smartphone. With this feature, you don’t have to bother going over to the LS-P5 to start and stop recording. The device is convenient in many different situations from recording musical performances to business meetings, press conferences and wild birds. You can start and stop recording on the LS-P5 as well as remotely adjusting the recording level during recording. You can also remotely play back recorded audio, leaving the LS-P5 as a microphone in a certain location and check playback using a speaker connected wirelessly.

In addition to recording and playback, the main LS-P5 operations can be controlled remotely via the smartphone app. The app allows users to change recording settings, check waveform display during recording as well as change folder and file names.

Other features

  • Intelligent Auto Mode adjusts your sound levels dynamically.
  • Low cut filter to reduce unwanted background noise.
  • On-board editing including file splitting, trimming and normalisation.
  • 2-Mic Noise Cancellation scene mode for recording even in noisy environments.
  • Overdubbing Recording for music and ambient sound creation.
  • Voice Balancer playback automatically adjusts the levels of everyone speaking
  • Voice Playback reduces playback time cutting out silences for faster transcription.
  • File Divide function allows onboard splitting of audio files for faster emailing.
  • Calendar Search function for finding files easily by date
  • Creating additional folders and changing a file name are useful for organising audio files.
  • Recording Scene Modes that automatically adjust recorder settings such as Music or Lectures.
  • Pre-Recording Mode of two seconds can be set so you never miss a thing.

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