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Dial-in Dictation (Winscribe)

Medical Transcription

Pacific Transcription offers a specialised dial-in dictation service designed to assist medical professionals with efficient and streamlined medical dictation.

WinScribe is an efficient method of dictation and requires no purchase of new equipment or software. As such, it is a very popular dictation option for medical professionals.

WinScribe offers professional clients the option of phoning our dedicated dictation number from any phone, anywhere in Australia, to dictate letters and reports.

This eliminates the upfront cost of purchasing a digital recorder and allows the flexibility of dictating from anywhere, without the need for a computer or internet access.

By dialing in to our WinScribe service, you are able to avoid the hassle of extracting audio from your digital recorder and uploading it to your account with us. Using WinScribe, we receive your completed dictation audio as soon as you end your call.

This makes for extremely efficient dictation, and makes our WinScribe service particularly appealing to clients with a high volume of work.

Organisations with multiple dictators find the WinScribe service useful as files are automatically filed with the details of the individual dictator and the organisation to which they belong. This assists in the management of files and tends to be very useful for clients with high volumes and multiple dictators.

WinScribe Dictation App for SmartPhones

WinScribe also has a professional mobile dictation app for SmartPhones, which is compatible with Pacific Transcription's transcription services. 

With the WinScribe professional mobile dictation app and an app licence, you can dictate using your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android SmartPhone, and your dictations will automatically be sent through to Pacific Transcription without having to connect to a computer or make a call.

The dictation app also allows you to add a dictation title or notes to each file when you send it through, and to easily mark a job as priority.

Please note that while the app for smartphones is free you will not be connected to our dictating system until a Winscribe Professional Mobile Dictation app licence is purchased.  

The Winscribe Professional Mobile Dictation app licence is perpetual.

Click on the following link for more information or to purchase a WinScribe Professional Mobile Dictation App Licence.