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What is document archiving and can it help me with my work?

So you’ve decided to get your medical, legal or research transcriptions done by Pacific Transcription, and one of the questions that you might be pondering is whether to access our document archiving service.

You might be asking yourself what is document archiving, how does it work and will it be beneficial to my work and my company?

Electronic document archiving is simply where a computer system tracks and stores files, so that they are secure and you can access them at a later date. A document archiving system helps with your other work systems, including record management, risk management, helping with safety and security of sensitive materials, tracking your work over periods of time and assisting with retrieval of previous work.

Lots of professions use electronic document archiving systems, and at Pacific Transcription, we offer this service to you. At Pacific Transcription we see many clients access this service because it is, well, easy!

With document archiving systems often comes the job of managing a high volume of files and documents, and sometimes this job can cut across many people in a company. With Pacific’s document archiving service, the time and energy taken to manage this is taken away, freeing up your staff to concentrate on other important work.

Pacific’s document archiving system uploads, manages, tracks and makes these documents available to you without you having to worry about it. And it is simple to use. All the files you have transcribed by Pacific are uploaded onto a special section of the client access area on the website. This is the same area you access when you log in to the site to upload, check and receive your files. So that includes any legal transcriptions, medical transcriptions or research transcriptions – any transcriptions at all that you ask us to do for you.

Your transcribed files are there waiting for you, anytime you need them. So that issue of working from home and not being able to access important files is no longer there, just log onto the site to access them anytime, anywhere. And because the files are managed by our archiving system, you don’t have to worry about doing regular backups, we do that for you. It’s automatic and easy.

Some clients need to have multiple people have access to their transcriptions, such as the researcher who is collaborating on a research project. By using Pacific’s document archiving system you can create a common area which makes it simple for a number of people to access these transcriptions, in a secure and safe manner. This takes the hassle out of having documents available on multiple sites and helps you keep an eye on regular, updated and to-the-minute developments on your projects transcriptions in the meantime.

So how much does this service cost? Pacific Transcription offers this document archiving service for $50 for 12 months, which is approximately $4 per month, and this fee is paid in advance. In the future you may wish to cancel your archiving account, just email us and we will purge all documents from your account. There’s no charge to cancel.

So you want to begin? Just call us on 1300 662 173 and we can set up your archiving account within 15 minutes. It really is worth it. Take the hassle out of storing your transcriptions yourself, and you have peace of mind that your transcriptions are there at your fingertips, whenever you need them, wherever you are.

Pacific Transcription offers this document archiving service to all our clients.