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Do I need previous transcription experience?

We do require contractors to either have previous transcription experience OR extensive WP experience across a number of disciplines. The level of previous experience you need depends on the type of transcription that you wish to undertake.

A description of the level of experience required for each of our three main transcription categories is provided below.

General Transcription

The main focus of our general transcription category is on focus groups and one-on-one interviews for academic and market research, as well as some legal transcription (e.g. police records of interview).  Other important areas of work undertaken by general transcriptionists include transcription of media conferences and finance briefings. 

Preference will be given to typists who:

  • have previous audio transcription experience;
  • have experience transcribing media briefings (e.g. press conferences) and/or finance briefings (e.g. AGMs, investor presentations etc);
  • have knowledge of finance terminology gained through work experience or study in a related area, or the ability to rapidly acquire such knowledge;
  • have the ability to understand and transcribe a range of accents, particularly Asian accents.

Medical Transcription 

Ideally you should have at least five (5) years of experience as a medical typist across a number of specialties. Medical typists must also be capable of undertaking some general transcription work (see General Transcription category above).

Radiology Transcription

You need to have at least three (3) years experience as a radiology typist in a hospital or radiology practice. You also need experience in nuclear medicine and MRI. Familiarity with programs such as Occam, Comrade, PACS/RIS, Karisma, Promedicus or Winscribe would be advantageous.