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Recording Skype, Zoom, and Other Online Calls

During this stressful time, a lot of businesses are encouraging social distancing. This means opting to work from home instead of coming into the office. Of course, working remotely brings all sorts of challenges, but we’re all in this together and with each other’s support we can get through this uncertain period. Right now, technology […]

Cassandra Carse in Dictation, Focus Groups, Interviews, Research Transcription, Transcription

Man vs. Machine: Our typists take on Speech Recognition Software

We’re just starting out the year 2020, and in some way, it feels as if we’re already living in the future. Technology just keeps getting more incredible, with 3D printers, AI robots, and Virtual Reality Headsets becoming a part of our everyday world. “So,” I hear you ask; “…surely, I can use a simple voice […]

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Digital Audio Recorders versus Tape Recorders: Why You Should Go Digital!

For many years, analogue recording systems, particularly tape recorders, were the only options available to anybody wishing to commission a transcript of their interview, focus group, conference or dictation. In recent times, however, digital recorders have quickly overtaken tape recorders as the predominant professional audio recording device. There are numerous advantages to clients in switching […]

Pacifc Solutions in Better Audio, Focus Groups, Interviews, Qualitative Research, Research Transcription

Recording Focus Groups? A Few Tips for Great Audio!

Researchers and facilitators know the importance of capturing great audio from group discussions and focus groups because often robust analysis stems from original high quality sound recordings. Without great audio, evidence and precise findings are often difficult to extrapolate. When recording audio consider both the physical recording environment, and the functionality of your digital recorder. […]

Pacifc Solutions in Focus Groups, Interviews, Qualitative Research, Research Transcription

Analyse Your Transcripts Using Leximancer Qualitative Analysis Software

Approaches to Qualitative Analysis of Transcripts So you’re conducting audio interviews and receiving transcribed documents from Pacific Transcription.  But how will you analyse your transcripts? Some researchers use the ‘highlighter’ approach. However, this can be time-consuming and subjective as the dataset is prone to researcher bias in its exploration and interpretation. Instead, why not consider […]

Pacifc Solutions in Focus Groups, Interviews, Qualitative Research, Research Transcription

What will my Research Transcripts look like?

Knowing what formatting options to select for your research transcripts can be daunting, particularly if it is your first experience of having audio files transcribed professionally. We understand that many researchers may require unusual formatting or the use of a template specific to their unique needs or the requirements of qualitative analysis software. To help […]

Pacifc Solutions in Focus Groups, Interviews, Qualitative Research, Research Transcription

What is Conversational Analysis Transcription?

Conversational analysis is a transcription style that is capable of uncovering specific paralinguistic features, and which also attempts to describe subtle speaker interactions. While it is most suited to linguistic research, it is ideal in any case where analysis of non-verbal communication is required. Conversational analysis is the most complex transcription style that Pacific Transcription offers, […]

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