Philips Speech Live – 12 Month Subscription


SpeechLive – the convenient solution to Dictation & Transcription

Dictating and Transcribing has never been easier. SpeechLive allows for users to choose whether they want to dictate on their mobile phones or Dictaphones. Transcriptionists can now type without having to download any software!

Doctors and lawyers are constantly on the go, whether it’s travelling from offices to courtrooms, to meet with clients or to travel from one hospital/clinic to another. Now, Philips SpeechLive allows you to work from anywhere, anytime. Your files are stored in a secure cloud server, so you can access them from any device with Internet access. You can download the app for free using the links below!

  • Cloud-based dictation solution for author and typist
  • Smartphone recorder licence included – work from anywhere at anytime
  • Browser-based transcription and administration

Register for a free trial now

To register for your 14 day free trial of SpeechLive, please email our Products Team: and tell us your name, address, email address and phone number.  We’ll be back in touch soon with your completed registration, so you can get started!  





For the author…

SpeechLive gives the author full flexibility on how and where they want to dictate.

Users can open their browser and record directly into SpeechLive by using the SpeechLive Online Recorder. You can use your favourite professional dictation microphones such as the Philips SpeechMike range or the Olympus RecMic range or a professional headset such as the Philips SpeechOne Headsets to name a few. Professional Dictaphones can also be used as a microphone. Once the dictation is completed, no emailing is required.

Authors also have the freedom to dictate straight from their mobile phones using the SpeechLive Dictation App. If they wish to separate their Dictaphone from their phones, they can use their more traditional portable dictation recorders. Users may prefer to stick to their existing Dictaphones because it suits their dictating style or they have very long files to record. SpeechLive is compatible with most professional voice recorders including Olympus and Philips.

Irrespective of how you record, the dictated audio is quickly sent automatically to typists. Users can add notes, set instructions and add priority or even attach a document or image before clicking send. Authors can clearly see the live transcription status of your dictation so you know once it has been completed.

For the typist…

SpeechLive makes in-house transcription convenient.

Typists can login from any computer to transcribe the audio directly from the browser. This allows for users to interchange very easily from working in the office and at home. Users can plug their Philips ACC-2330 or ACC-2310 foot pedals to transcribe the audio. No software installation is required!

SpeechLive benefits

Working anywhere and anytime

Access and manage your dictations through your browser from anywhere. Transcription from home is no longer a problem, as you can safely use your private computer to playback and transcribe recordings.

Highest security standards

SpeechLive offers highly secure online storage thanks to HTTPS protocol, automatic double encryption in real-time, server mirroring and an automatic back up. Keeping your data reliably secured and available at all times.

Excellent workflow management

Adapt the solution to your company’s way of working. To balance workload, administrators can easily define authors and typists. This can be done from anywhere in the world.

Smooth integration into existing workflows

SpeechLive works perfectly with Philips dictation devices and can easily be implemented into your existing workflow. SpeechLive even supports mixed environments where not all users have access to SpeechLive.

Flexible subscriptions

SpeechLive adapts to suit the needs of your business by giving you the opportunity to adjust the number of users at any time.


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