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Acoustic Magic

Acoustic Magic is a US-based company committed to developing the best array microphones on the market.  Their microphones electronically locate and automatically steer towards the talker, and with an extremely long pickup range scanning 360 degrees there's no missed audio. The Voice Tracker Array Microphones are cost-effective, user-friendly and provide high-quality recording, making them fantastic for recording meetings, capturing lectures or conferences and accommodating speech recognition applications.  

Pacific Transcription is proud to be an authorised Australian Acoustic Magic reseller.  You can purchase Acoustic Magic's Voice Tracker Array Microphones from our shop.  

Dictate + Connect

JOTOMI GmbH, the developers of the iPhone dictation app Dicate + Connect, is an IT consulting and iPhone application development company, based in Germany.

Pacific Transcription is proud to partner with the creators of Dictate + Connect to deliver a seamless, streamlined dictation process to all our clients who use iPhones or iPads.  

For more information on the Dictate + Connect dictation app and Pacific Transcription, click here.

EBSuite - On Demand Business Tools

Pacific Transcription uses EBSuite CRM On Demand Software.  EBSuite is a #1 CRM Software: Sales Automation, CRM Marketing Automation, Customer Support - Help Desk, Project Management and Time, Invoice & Billing.

Genie Solutions

A number of Pacific Transcription's medical clients use Genie, a practice management software package which incorporates billing, accounts and clinical management.

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Leximancer, an Australian company that has commercial and academic customers from around the globe using their applications, has stormed the text analytics market with their refreshingly accurate and innovative solution for qualitative analysis of unstructured and textual data.  By using Leximancer qualitative research analysis software you can greatly improve the consistency and efficiency of your research. 

Pacific Transcription is a Leximancer partner, and is authorised to resell Leximancer to universities, academics and students for research purposes. We can also arrange Leximancer training or integration performed by a Leximancer consultant.

You can purchase academic licenses of Leximancer through our shop.


Nuance is a US-based company with branches all over the world, and continues to lead innovations in voice recognition and OCR (optical character recognition) software.  Their core focus is to help people streamline their written and spoken words by developing the most human, natural and intuitive ways to use voice as the key to command information.    

Nuance has designed and continues to refine one of the most advanced voice recognition products on the market - Dragon Naturally Speaking.  This superior voice recognition software solution is popular with legal and medical professionals.  

Pacific Transcription is an authorised reseller of Dragon Naturally Speaking.  You can purchase Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking products and accessories from our shop.

NCH Transcription Software

We transcribe recorded audio files using Express Scribe Professional transcription software.  

You can purchase Express Scribe Professional software and compatible foot pedals from our online shop.  



NVivo is an advanced qualitative research analysis software program developed by QSR International, the largest privately owned qualitative research software developer in the world.  Based in Australia, and with offices in the United Kingdom and United States, QSR has over 30 years of experience in qualitative research software applications, and continues to develop and refine their software technologies which help users explore material, make discoveries, arrive at informed decisions and share findings.  

Pacific Transcription is an authorised reseller of NVivo.  You can purchase an academic NVivo license from our shop.  


With its origins in Japan, Olympus has dominated the market for most of the 20th century and into the 21st century as a leader in optical and digital technologies.  

Today Olympus manufactures outstanding professional digital dictation devices, voice recorders and accessories which are well-known, used and trusted throughout the legal, medical and research professions.  

Pacific Transcription is an authorised Australian Olympus Professional Dictation Dealer.  You can purchase a wide range of Olympus professional products from our shop.

Philips Speech Processing Solutions

The Dutch company Philips' early days in the 1890's developing and manufacturing innovative lighting devices was a telling indicator of their continued commitment to research and development.  

This desire for innovation coupled with simplicity has resulted in the invention of a multitude of devices used across medical, digital, and optical/audio fields today.  

In 2012 the arm of the Philips Consumer Lifestyle sector which managed Philips'  dictation and speech recognition products was sold to a private equity arm of Raiffeisen Banking Group (Upper Austria), forming Speech Processing Solutions.  

Speech Processing Solutions designs, develops, manufactures and markets speech processing devices, and is an official licensee of the Philips brand.

Just as Philips before them, Speech Processing Solutions continues to provide medical, legal and research professionals with Philips branded state-of-the-art digital recording devices, microphones and speech recognition products.  

The Philips branded products demonstrate exceptional functionality while staying true to the Philips edict of "advancing and simplifying". 

Pacific Transcription is an authorised Australian Speech Processing Solutions reseller.  You can purchase a wide range of Philips professional products from our shop.  



Winscribe was founded in the mid 1990's in New Zealand and today is recognised as one of the most innovative and dynamic developers and distributors of digital dictation, digital transcription, voice recognition and workflow management software solutions.  

Winscribe continues to exceed customer requirements by focusing on regular and rigorous research and development, which translates into continual updating and advancement of software products which government departments, hospitals, police forces and law firms across the globe use to improve workflow and employee performance.  

You can purchase a Winscribe Professional Dictation App licence from our shop.