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Onsite and Remote Captioning and Subtitling

Research Transcription

Pacific Transcription is able to provide both live and offline captioning services. Our experienced stenocaptioners produce accurate, real-time captions across a wide range of subject matters and specialties.

Video and DVD Production

Pacific Transcription accepts a variety of video formats and can add either closed or open captions to your video files as required. We have produced videos for upload to YouTube, internal staff training days, market research productions, financial presentations and more. 

Student Support

For students, Pacific Transcription has experience in real-time captioning of lectures, seminars and tutorials, both remotely (from a live-streamed recording) or by attending the lecture on-site. This service is particularly welcome for clients with hearing impairments, allowing them to be full and active members of the class.

Live remote captioning and onsite captioning both provide captions with a minimal delay (3-6 seconds) from when the words are spoken.

If required to be archived, scrolling and synchronised captioning (both open and closed) can be produced within a week after the event.

Students requiring transcripts of classes can take advantage of our research transcription services. Whether a recording of the lecture is made available by the learning institution, or the lecture is recorded by you using one of our recommended Olympus recorders, we are able to produce a full transcript of the class within a matter of days.