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Interviews and Focus Groups

Research Transcription

Pacific Transcription has removed the difficulty associated with recruiting and finding good typists for research projects for academic researchers and postgraduate students.

With fixed pricing per minute of audio, you can have an accurate idea of cost ahead of time. Pacific Transcription is happy to issue prepayment invoices for our transcription services to help you meet grant/funding deadlines.

Simply upload audio from any standard recording device to the Pacific Transcription website and the transcribed documents are returned within a matter of days. Our typists are experienced in the transcription of both one-on-one interviews and focus groups. 

Speaker identification for focus groups is available upon request, however it may not be possible for all recordings. Please visit what will my transcript look like for more information on what this may look like. We recommend that you speak with us prior to conducting the focus groups as there are several measures which can be taken to ensure more accurate speaker identification. 

For our advice on recording interviews and focus groups please view our recording audio page. For tips on recording phone interviews specifically, please visit our handy blog article