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Stenocaptioning - Live Onsite Captioning, Live Remote Captioning and Specialised Transcription

Research Transcription

Pacific Transcription provides a suite of Equitable Access Services to companies, universities, and other institutions across Australia.

These services include Stenocaptioning - Live Onsite Captioning and Live Remote Captioning, and Specialised Transcription.

Stenocaptioning services are beneficial to individuals, government departments, universities and other institutions wishing to provide as diverse access to information as possible.  

Pacific's Stenopcationing services are particularly welcomed by participants who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, as these services facilitate more active engagement in activities such as lectures, tutorials, conferences and forums.

Our staff are highly experienced and trained in all aspects of documenting the spoken word.  

Stenocaptioning Services

Stenocaptioning is the provision of real-time transcription of the spoken word, onto a screen.

Stenocaptioning provides equitable access, and the ability to interact in real-time conversations, to participants who may not hear the spoken word.

This service is available for university lectures and tutorials, large conferences, and other special events.  

Live Onsite Captioning

A highly qualified and experienced stenographer attends the event, picks up on contextual cues and provides an immediate and accurate transcript.  The transcript appears on the screen as scrolling text.  This is called "Live Onsite Captioning".  

Live Remote Captioning

Alternatively, live audio can be accessed by an offsite stenographer, who will stream a transcript back to a screen at the venue, via a secure website, within seconds.  This is called "Live Remote Captioning".   

Specialised Transcription Service

Transcription from event recordings, such as lectures and conferences, are available where Pacific Transcription is provided with audio from the event.  

For more information on Pacific Transcription's Stenocaptioning and Specialised Transcription Services, including obtaining the Stenocaptioning rate sheet, please contact us.