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Minute Taking

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Businesses, firms, government departments, clubs and associations often require a record of their meetings and events, and frequently choose to outsource this responsibility to an experienced professional.

Pacific Transcription provides professional minute takers to attend meetings and events for the purpose of recording minutes.  

Our staff are highly experienced and trained in all aspects of documenting the spoken word and we have the flexibility to meet our customers' needs and expectations.  

What is a minute taker?

A minute taker attends in person to provide a brief and accurate summary of the meeting, including:

  • What was discussed,
  • What was agreed,
  • What action is to be taken, by whom and by when.

A separate list of action points/actionable items can be included where clients require this.  Pacific Transcription produces minutes that adhere to your formatting and layout requirements.

As a guideline, for each hour of meeting approximately 2 to 3 pages of minutes are produced. Minutes do not provide a verbatim record of a meeting but rather an overview of key discussions and outcomes. Where a word-for-word transcript is needed, a court reporter (stenographer) will be required.

If you require more indepth, word-for-word transcripts of events, please visit Pacific Transcription's Stenography services page, for further information.

For more information on Pacific Transcription's Minute Taking services, please contact us