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Olympus Recording Keynote Speakers Bundle

Olympus Recording Keynote Speakers Bundle


A bundle with a difference – Olympus’  exceptionally functional, highly-recommended and very reasonably priced ME-34 Compact Zoom Microphone paired with the Olympus Wi Fi enabled  DM-7 digital voice recorder.  


This bundle is great for recording lectures or keynote speakers at a conference as the ME34 microphone reduces extraneous noise from nearby sound sources, such as people moving chairs, rustling paper, coughing or whispering.  This means your recording is true to intent - you get a great recording of your keynote speaker without the distraction of surrounding audio interference from attendees.  

Key Features:

ME-34 Compact Zoom Microphone

  • Small, lightweight and compact design
  • Unidirectional mic design is ideal for mobile lectures and recording small meetings
  • Microphone cord can neatly wrapped around the microphone stand for secure transport and storage

DM-7 Digital Voice Recorder

  • 4GB internal memory plus SD card slot
  • User-friendly enhanced file search functions
  • Noise-cancelling functionalities
  • A variety of recording quality options, including WMA, linear PCM, mp3
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC – just plug in and play – no software required

What’s included: 

  • DM-7 Digital Voice Recorder
  • ME-34 Compact Zoom Microphone with cord
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Olympus Sonority software
  • Canal Stereo Earphones
  • USB cable
  • USB plug adapter
  • Carry case & Strap
  • Instruction Manual