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Olympus DM-720 Business Recorder

Olympus DM-720 Business Recorder


A practical and reliable business recorder, the DM-720 is the latest release from Olympus.  The DM-720 is packed full of useful features, including exceptional microphone system, high quality metal body with clip attachment, wide choice of playback functions, and direct PC connection for convenient data storage, download, and charging.  


The DM-720 suits the user who needs a good quality recorder under the $200 mark.  The DM-720 can be used in meetings, one-on-one interviews, business discussions, language study, lectures and voice memos. 

TRESMIC 3 Microphone System – for Superior Sound


The DM-720 features the 3-microphone “TRESMIC” system, which includes two directional microphones in a 90 degree layout for enhanced stereo sound, and an omni-directional microphone, positioned in the middle, to capture sound depth and fullness, essential for picking up low-range sounds.










More Features


  • Variety of playback functions, including Voice Playback (skip the non-voice portions of any recording), Voice Balancer (adjusts the volume levels of all speakers to an even level so that it is easy to hear during playback).
  • High quality metal body with clip stand attachment, which can be attached to your pocket or notebook as a clip, or used as a stand to reduce noise when the recorder is placed directly on a table top.
  • Direct PC connection via the built-in USB connector, for convenient data storage and charging, including using the device as a USB memory device. 
  • 4GB memory, providing up to 985 recording hours
  • micro SD slot
  • Records in PCM and .mp3
  • Functions also include: Transcription mode, calendar search, five recording scenes, intelligent auto mode, noise cancelling and voice balancer


What’s in the box:

  • DM-720 business recorder
  • AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery (BR-404)
  • Stand Clip (CL4)
  • user manual


Optional accessories: