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Olympus ODMS R6 - Transcription Module AS-7002

Olympus ODMS R6 - Transcription Module AS-7002


Brand new Olympus transcription software - ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) R6 -Transcription Module, for even more functions and features than ever before. 

This software is compatible with the new DS-7000 and DS-3500 digital dictaphones as well as the previous models (DS-5000, DS-3400 and DS-2400) and is provided as standard with the Olympus AS-7000 professional transcription kit, along with the RS-31 footswitch and E-62 headset. 

The software is also compatible with Olympus WS/DM/and VN series digital voice recorders as well as the RS-28 USB foot pedal.

The ODMS Transcription Module can speed up the transcription process by automatically opening a word processor or document template when transcription is started. Documents can also be transcribed or proof-read using the Voice Recognition features, thus minimising the transcriptionist workload and increasing productivity.  

This software is for you if you have replaced your computer and have misplaced your original software CD and licence key or if you would like to transcribe audio on more than one computer (e.g. your office computer and home computer).

The ODMS Administration CD (AS-56) is also available for managing an ODMS environment in Workgroup mode.

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