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NVivo Compatible Transcripts and NVivo Synchronisation

Research Transcription

Interested in purchasing a Full Academic Licence of NVivo?  Click here for details.  Pacific Transcription offers four different types of NVivo formatting for interview and focus group transcripts.  If you would like your documents formatted in accordance with one of these styles, please make a note at the time you upload your audio file.  

A guide to each formatting style is given below:

NVivo Synchronised

This format is only compatible with versions NVivo8 and later. All speaker turns are time-coded and formatted for an easy import into NVivo. Once imported, the transcript will automatically synchronise with the original video or audio recording of the interview or focus group, meaning you can watch the video and see the transcript scrolling in sync, or click on any turn in the transcript to bring up the relevant section in the video.

Having simultaneous access to audio/video and the transcript allows you to ensure you have not missed anything qualitatively, such as emotion or sarcasm. Each turn is attributed to a speaker, making coding easier and more efficient, particularly where speaker identification matters.

Pacific Transcription has offered this format for several years, and we have found that it is particularly popular with researchers conducting focus groups or semi-structured/unstructured interviews. A 25% surcharge applies for all transcripts in this format.  

NVivo Headings

Our NVivo Headings format is expanding into a more flexible, individualised process. We would be happy to hear what you hope to get out of your specially formatted transcripts, and adapt our templates to suit your needs.

If you have a list of interview questions which are followed in your audio files, we can format the transcripts to enable autocoding of nodes for each question and within that, for the facilitator and interviewee. This eliminates an enormous amount of work for you. You can analyse the range of interviewee responses to particular questions easily and efficiently. This format incurs a 15% surcharge, and refer to it as ‘NVivo Headings Questions’.

Should you have less structured interviews, interviewee and facilitator can be transcibed in the same headings style, enabling separate nodes on the same hierarchal level when imported. This is a time-saver considering the coding you will no longer have to do manually, and useful for identifying the environment of certain concepts within nodes. This format incurs a 10% surcharge, and refer to it as ‘NVivo Headings Simple’.

Having your files coded for NVivo as they are transcribed will save you time better spent analysing the resulting data. Please contact us to discuss your NVivo requirements, so we can decide what the best fit is for you.

NVivo Basic

This simplified format enables you to import the transcript into NVivo as text, and is compatible with all versions of NVivo (as well as NUD*IST and XSIGHT). It will not automatically code speakers differently in NVivo, or organise the interview according the interview questions, however there is no surcharge to have your transcripts provided in this format.

Format Compatible With Benefits Ideal for... Pricing

NVivo Synchronised

NVivo8 and later versions

  • Transcript synchronised to audio/ video 

  • Review any section of a recording instantly by clicking on that turn in the transcript

  • Automatically groups all turns by a speaker when imported

  • Semi-structured/ unstructured interviews and focus groups

  • Recordings where speaker identification matters

25% surcharge

NVivo Headings Questions

All versions of NVivo

  • Transcript can be organised by each interview question if provided

  • Transcripts allow auto-coding by speaker, and by questions/ themes

  • Structured interviews, where a list of questions/ themes followed can be provided

15% surcharge

NVivo Headings Simple

All versions of NVivo

  • Transcripts allow auto-coding by speaker

  • Semi-structured/ unstructured interviews

10% surcharge

NVivo Basic

All versions of NVivo, NUD*IST & XSIGHT

  • The no-frills option, compatible with all software versions

  • Any type of interview speech

No surcharge


Formatting for already completed documents (.doc or .docx only)

Pacific Transcription are able to convert your existing transcripts into an NVivo compatible format. The below table outlines what items we would need from you to do this, as well as the associated cost.

Format Pricing Please provide...
NVivo Basic
  • $1/page
  • The transcripts
NVivo Headings
  • $2/page
  • The transcripts and list of questions (if relevant)
NVivo Synchronised
  • 25% of the transcription cost for that length/type of audio
  • The transcripts and audio