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Nuance Analog Stereo Headset with USB Adapter Combo

Nuance Analog Stereo Headset with USB Adapter Combo


An analog, stereo headset with noise-cancelling microphone, adjustable mic boom and USB adapter, for more versatile connection.  

  • Adjustable headband - to ensure a snug, yet comfortable fit
  • Rotating microphone boom - mic boom can swivel up to 270 degrees, and the user can choose to place the mic on either the left or right side, depending on individual preferences.
  • Bendable microphone boom - bend the mic boom to be in line with the user's mouth and set the correct distance between the mouth to the mic, according to individual preferences
  • Easily identifiable mic positioning - microphone with white marking should face towards the user's mouth, when in use

You can use the headset with analog audio inputs on your computer or take advantage of the included USB adapter.

The included USB-VS-01 Dragon USB adapter allows for more versatile connection, enabling connection to platforms with poor built-in audio - especially laptops and tablet devices. 

Compatible with all Nuance speech recognition software.