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Queen's Birthday 2018 Public Holiday (Qld)

Added: 18 September 2018

The Pacific Transcription office will be closed Monday, 1st October 2018, due to the Queen's Birthday public holiday (Qld).  

If you require work to be completed during this time please contact us in advance so we can make alternative arrangements.  

Enjoy the short break!

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Pacific’s Quote Calculator App Gives Clients Greater Control

Added: 20 July 2018

Pacific’s new quote calculator is an easy-to-use app which lets research clients enter their specific transcription requirements to produce an accurate estimate of costs.

For more information read our blog article

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Pacific’s six “tried and tested” methods of receiving audio for transcription

Added: 22 June 2018

Many transcription companies have a number of ways that clients can provide audio for transcription, but not all methods are as secure as they could be.

Pacific Transcription offers six “tried and tested” methods to clients, providing greater flexibility, enhanced accessibility and improved security to clients in how audio is supplied for transcription.

To find out more, read our blog article

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Olympus' New Release DS-9500 Dictaphone Proves To Be A Serious Contender

Added: 8 May 2018

Interested in finding out more about the Olympus latest release dictaphone? 

Read our blog article which compares the Olympus DS-9500 with the Philips DPM 8000.  

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Clients reap the benefits of Pacific's regular internal audits

Added: 18 April 2018

In June 2015 Pacific Transcription achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification, an internationally recognised standard.  

Three years on, and Pacific Transcription continues to maintain and continually improve the quality of services delivered to clients. 

Internal audits are an essential component in ensuring Pacific’s clients receive quality-driven service delivery.  

Read our blog article to find out how Pacific's internal audit process improves quality outcomes for clients.

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Should you disclose the nature of your audio files to your trusted transcription company? Absolutely!


From time to time researchers approach us asking whether we would like to be informed about the nature of their audio files.  The answer is a resounding yes.  Why?

Having information about the content of the audio helps our typists to more fully contextualise the content, thereby reducing the chance of errors and ultimately producing a highly accurate transcript.

Read our blog article to find out more.  

12 October 2017

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Why does Pacific use reCAPTCHA on online forms?


We use reCAPTCHA so we spend less time dealing with sneaky spam bots, and more time engaging with real people, like you! 

reCAPTCHA is just one of the many steps Pacific takes to protect the data and security of our clients. 

reCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that helps protect websites from spam and abuse.  

Find out more about reCAPTCHA here:

11 September 2017

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Pacific's Three Direct Dictating Methods - At Your Fingertips!


Direct dictation eliminates the need to manually upload audio files to an individual’s secure client transcription account, which can be time consuming. 

Pacific Transcription offers medical and legal clients three direct dictation methods which make dictating safe, secure, easy-to-use and legally compliant.  

Read our blog post for more information, or contact the office to discuss your options with our friendly staff.

5 May 2017

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Release the Pressure with Pacific's Prepaid Transcription Service


Pacific Transcription's prepaid transcription service is perfect for researchers who need to expend a grant, but still have interviews to conduct.  

Contact us today to find out more, or visit our online shop for information and to purchase.

22 March 2017

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Pacific's Quote Calculator Helps Australian Researchers


As the end of the year fast approaches researchers are reminded that their grants must be acquitted, budgets balanced, tight time frames met...

Pacific's Quote Calculator is a handy tool which assists Pacific staff to provide clients with accurate assessment of transcription costs.  

Read our blog article to find out the number of ways Pacific helps Australian researchers meet their grant requirements.  

25 October 2016

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5 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Researchers


Researchers who use these top five keyboard shortcuts streamline daily workflow, save time, and ultimately improve the research experience.  Read our blog article to find out which keyboard shortcuts made the top five…

1 September 2016

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Update Your Web Browser


Newer browsers save you time, keep you and your data safer, and open up more opportunities for how you use online technology across multiple platforms and devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone).

Read our blog article for more information... 

9 August 2016

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How Pacific's ISO Certification Benefits All Clients


Pacific Transcription is proud to be ISO 9001 certified.  ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised quality management system (QMS) standard which outlines the requirements an organisation must maintain in their quality management system.

Pacific Transcription embraces the concept of delivering quality services and products to clients through a continual improvement process.

We measure our service. 

We report on our service. 

We improve our service. 

We are accountable to you, our clients, so you can be confident in the high quality service we provide. 

For more information on how Pacific Transcription’s ISO accreditation will positively benefit you and your company please click here to read our web page, or contact Pacific Transcription

13 July 2016

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Three Top Dictating Tips for Medical Professionals


Medical professionals know that professional dictating is a skill that is learned and developed over time. 

Read our blog article to find out how medical professionals get the best quality transcripts from their transcription company of choice - Pacific Transcription.  

12 July 2016

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Need 256-bit AES encryption? Use the Olympus DS-7000


The Olympus DS-7000 digital dictaphone meets important international data standards because it has a 256-bit AES encryption system which protects data from illegal access, and has a "Device Lock” function accessible by PIN code.  

256-bit AES encryption for electronic data is important and essential for government departments, medical practices and others who manage highly confidential information in a secure environment.  

Read our blog article to find out why Pacific recommends the DS-7000 to clients who need data-protected dictation.  

19 March 2015

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What makes a GREAT Dictation app? Dictation Apps on SmartPhones


Dictation Apps for SmartPhones are taking on more traditional methods of dictation.  Read our blog article on what dictation apps are, and which ones to look out for.  

19 February 2015

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Outsourcing your transcription makes good business sense


Outsourcing your transcription is easy and it makes good business sense.  There are many benefits to outsourcing your transcription needs to Pacific Transcription.  Read our blog article for details, and contact Pacific Transcription to start outsourcing today!

7 January 2015

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Who's who in the Pacific Solutions network!


We at Pacific Transcription are the Australasian branch of the global Pacific Solutions network. Operations for the entire Australasian region are managed from our offices in Brisbane, Queensland by our team of competent and friendly staff.

The UK branch of Pacific Solutions operates from an office based in London, under the name Sterling Transcription

5 January 2015

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Australian Universities adopt Acoustic Magic Voice Trackers as lecture microphone of choice


Check out our blog article on the Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker microphones, and how universities across the USA and now Australia are using them in lecture theatres and classrooms.  

A great audio solution at a reasonable price.  Read on...

12 December 2014

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Dictate + Connect Dictation App for iPhones - recommended by Pacific Transcription


Pacific has partnered with Dictate + Connect dictation app for iPhones to bring you a direct file transfer option.  Read our blog article for details.  

For more information phone Pacific today! 

5 December 2014

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Discounts for Not-For-Profit Organisations


Pacific Transcription has Flexible rate, which suits clients who are not-for-profit organisations, students paying for their transcription out of their own pocket, or clients who upload 20+ hours of audio in a single batch.  Contact us for more details, or refer to your Research rate sheet, located in your secure client login account, for information.

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Is Your Research Grant Running Out?


Pacific Transcription's prepaid transcription service is perfect for researchers who need to expend a grant, but still have interviews to conduct.  Contact us today to find out more, or visit our online shop for information and to purchase.

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Are you wondering what your research transcripts will actually look like?


Are you wondering what your finished research transcript will look like? With all the different formatting options available around speaker identification/differentiation in transcripts, understanding what each option is and which is best suited to your needs can be confusing. 

Check out our blog article to read an outline of both our standard speaker identification policies and alternative options, including examples of each. 

17 July 2014

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