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Leximancer Academic _ Annual Licence

Leximancer Academic _ Annual Licence


Annual academic licence of Leximancer.


More about Leximancer: Leximancer is a fully automated qualitative research analysis program used by commercial and academic clients around the world.

What does Lemixancer do?

  • delivers true, unbiased discovery - as well as user-controlled exploration  
  • requires no onerous set-up investment in dictionaries, keywords or ontology  
  • provides a dynamic taxonomy creation and management environment
  • gets to a results-set quickly for further interative analysis

Who uses Leximancer?

Leximancer is used by a growing number of academic researchers around Australia and overseas.  A small number of Australian universities currently have site licences of Leximancer, including:

  • University of Queensland  
  • University of New South Wales  
  • Queensland University of Technology  
  • University of Western Sydney  
  • Griffith University  
  • University of New England

In addition to this, hundreds of researchers from almost every Australian university hold individual licences.

Pacific Transcription is a Leximancer partner, and is authorised to resell Leximancer to universities, academics and students for research purposes. We can also arrange Leximancer training or integration performed by a Leximancer consultant.

For more information on Leximancer Academic, click here.

Interested in purchase a Perpetual Leximancer, for lifetime, ongoing use?  Click here to visit our online shop, and for more information.  

NOTE:  As there is no hardware with this product, please ensure when placing your order via our online shop you tick the "pick up only" shipping option so that you are not charged any freight.  

We will issue you an electronic tax invoice once payment has been received.  We will also email you secure information on how to access your Leximancer licence.  Please note you need an internet connection to be able to access your Leximancer purchase.