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Court Reporting and Stenography

Legal Transcription

Stenography/Court Reporting

Pacific Transcription's stenographers/court reporters are available for depositions, court hearings, official enquiries, board meetings, witness statement interviews, meetings of medical experts, and more. It is advisable for a stenographer to attend when recording is difficult and speaker identification critical.

Our staff are highly experienced and trained in all aspects of documenting the spoken word, and we have the flexibility to meet our customers' needs and expectations.

Pre-recorded hearings

Pacific Transcription's stenographers/court reporters also transcribe pre-recorded hearings, tribunals or meetings, recorded on tapes, CDs and all digital formats, including FTR.

Turnaround Times

We have a range of turnaround times available to clients, depending the type of stenography service engaged and client-specific requirements, such as geographical location.  

Examples of courts and tribunals we transcribe for law firms:

  • VCAT (Pacific Transcription is an approved transcription supplier)
  • NSW, ACT and QLD tribunals
  • Refugee Review Tribunal

If you are interested in receiving minutes as opposed to a full transcript, please visit our minute taking services page.  

For further information on Pacific Transcription's Stenography/Court Reporting services, including obtaining our Stenography/Court Reporting rate sheet, please email our Stenography services team.