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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Australian is speech recognition software designed for the Australian legal industry.

An enterprise-ready solution, Dragon Legal Australian enables solicitors and other legal professionals to get more done on their computers — quickly and accurately — using their voice. Dictate, edit and format legal documents, send email, manage schedules, and search the Web — up to three times faster than typing.

Streamline third-party review and correction, automate business processes, and control applications via voice commands for faster document turnaround, reduced transcription costs, and increased efficiency organization wide.

Stop typing, start speaking — and start doing for new levels of productivity and profitability.


NOTE:  This product is available as a digital download only. As there is no hardware with this product, please ensure when placing your order via our online shop you tick the "pick up only" shipping option so that you are not charged any freight.  

We will issue you an electronic tax invoice once payment has been received.  We will also email you secure information on how to access your software licence.  Please note that you need an internet connection to be able to access your Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal purchase.