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How do I apply?

If you are able to meet all of the requirements outlined in our Typing Contractor Opportunities pages, and would like to apply to join Pacific Transcription's typing contractor panel, please begin your application by clicking on the link below.

IMPORTANT: Please note that prior to submitting your application form you will need to complete the 'Aesop's fables' typing test (1 minute in length) from Please be sure to record your results (typing speed, errors, accuracy and adjusted speed) as you will need to enter them into our application form.

You will also need to undertake a short "Online Hearing Test" available at and then record your result in our application form.

WARNING: Upon creating your application, you will have 24 hours from submitting it in which you must also complete our basic quality assurance test . If you are unable to complete this within 24 hours, please do not begin your application.

Click Here to create your application with Pacific Transcription

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