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Captioning and Subtitling

Research Transcription

Captions help people understand the dialogue and soundtrack of a TV programme, video or DVD by providing a text format that the viewer can read.  Captions are suitable for people with hearing impairments and for creating permanent records such as finance briefings, training or marketing videos.

Captioning services are increasingly being used by companies, particularly educational institutions, to provide students, consumers and employees with more accessible and equitable access to services.

Offline Captioning

Pacific Transcription provides offline captioning services which are suitable for finance briefings, web seminars, as well as for teaching and training purposes.  

Our experienced captioners produce accurate captions across a wide range of subject matters and specialities, and can provide videos in either open captions or closed captions formats.  

Open Captions

Open Captions are embedded in the video file and cannot be turned off by the viewer.  

Closed Captions

Closed captions can be turned on and off by the viewer.  

For further information on Pacific's Captioning Services, or to obtain a service-specific rate sheet, please contact us.