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File Archiving

Research Transcription

What is archiving?

Pacific Transcription provides an optional archiving service to all our clients, providing you with both peace of mind and the ability to immediately access your documents wherever you may be. All documents from when you elect to begin are stored securely in a separate section of your Pacific login, for the duration of your subscription to the archiving service. 

What are the benefits of archiving?

  • You will have instant access to all your important documents with no need to search through your computer.
  • Ever work from home or while travelling? As long as you can access your account you will be able to access your files.
  • Our file archiving system provides you with a secure space in which to edit, share and add notes and comments to your files. You control who has access to your archive area, making it a great arena for conversing with other people on your research team.
  • The archive system is automatic, eliminating the need for you to make manual backups of your files. 

What is the price of an archiving subscription?

Document archival is charged at a flat fee of $5.75 per month, to be paid in advance.  

What happens to my documents if I don't use archiving?

Pacific Transcription deletes non-archived documents from our servers approximately one month after we receive payment, as per our confidentiality policy. Because of this, it's important that you remember to download and save your documents to a secure location within this time period.

In the instance that you need to access a file that has been deleted from our systems without archiving, we may be able to retrieve your file from our offsite backup. Files are backed up on this server for approximately one year (this is not guaranteed).  A small retrieval fee is applicable.  If you wish to find out more information on retrieving files, including retrieval fee, please contact Pacific Transcription.  

Can my audio files be archived?

Pacific Transcription can archive your audio files, although pricing is dependent upon the audio format and volume of audio, as the amount of server space used by an audio file varies between formats. As a rough estimate, for the typical research client audio archiving would cost around $17/month. Please contact Pacific for an accurate quote if you would like to take advantage of audio archiving.  

Are my documents safely and securely stored?

Each completed document uploaded to your account is automatically copied into the archiving section of your secure login at the point of upload. In addition to this, daily backups of your archived documents are  produced and sent to a separate data centre to insure against any disruption to our main servers.