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Winscribe was founded in the mid 1990's in New Zealand and today is recognised as one of the most innovative and dynamic developers and distributors of digital dictation, digital transcription, voice recognition and workflow management software solutions.  


Winscribe continues to exceed customer requirements by focusing on regular and rigorous research and development, which translates into continual updating and advancement of software products which government departments, hospitals, police forces and law firms across the globe use to improve workflow and employee performance.  


Pacific Transcription is pleased to offer the Winscribe Professional Mobile Dictation App Licence for dictation and direct upload, for efficient and accurate transcribing by Pacific Transcription.  

Winscribe Professional Dictation App Licence

Winscribe Professional Dictation App Licence

Send your dictations directly to Pacific Transcription for transcribing, using the Professional Mobile Dictation App and Perpetual Licence.


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