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Olympus WS-832 Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus WS-832 Digital Voice Recorder

This product is no longer available

This product has been replaced by the Olympus VP-10 "pen-style" digital recorder.

Introducing Olympus’ new release WS-series digital voice recorders, firmly targeting business customers who need an easy-to-use recorder for exceptional stereo recording of meetings. 

The new WS-series (WS-831, WS-832 & WS-833) has all the features you’ve become familiar with, including direct USB connection, built-in microSD slot for added external memory, extended recording time, and easy to use interface, with the addition of a few handy functions to give the new WS-series the edge over competitors. 

The new WS-series recorders feature Transcription Mode, which automatically adjusts settings for easier transcribing, including auto-backspace, fast playback and optimal skipping in fast forward and rewind.  Another handy feature is Voice Playback (available on the WS-832 and WS-833), cutting out all sections in recordings without voice so you don’t have to manually find the parts where something is said.  The new WS-832 and WS-833 also feature Voice Changer, which allows the pitch of the voice to be altered for greater listening comfort. 

Olympus has further enhanced the user interface by introducing icons instead of text, significantly improving user satisfaction with more intuitive operation, and two freely assignable function buttons, making locating finished files easier than ever. 

For a low maintenance, easy-to-use recorder which provides high quality sound, look no further than the new Olympus WS-series digital voice recorders. 

WS-832 NEW features include:

NEW! –Voice Playback function – save time when playing back the audio for transcription.  When the recorder is set to Voice Playback the recorder cleverly analyses the audio and skips those sections without any voices, so you only have to listen to the relevant parts of the audio. 

NEW! – Shadowing Mode – allows repeated playback of a phrase or sentence, alternating between repeat at normal volume, and then repeat at mute/ low volume.  This function is great for people learning a new language

NEW!  - Transcription Mode - automatically adjusts settings for easier transcribing, including auto-backspace, fast playback and optimal skipping in fast forward and rewind

NEW! – Lighter weight, and now with a USB cover which flips closed when the USB connector is retracted

The WS-832 also features:

  • Highly sensitive, low-noise, directional stereo microphones for exceptional stereo recording
  • 90 degree angled layout of microphones means the recording replicates the original spatial atmosphere so you can pick up where the speakers are located long after the recording has been made
  • Records in .wma, .mp3 and linear PCM
  • Direct USB connection via a built-in connector for convenient file transfer and battery recharge
  • Recording time – up 1000hrs
  • Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) for voice activation
  • Use the recorder as a USB flash drive for file storage and transfer
  • 4GB internal memory
  • microSD slot (capacity of up to 32GB sized card) if you want to boost the memory, externally 
  • Large LCD display
  • Easy-to-operate buttons
  • Battery life – recording (37hrs), playback (30hrs)
  • Weight – 54g


What’s included:

  • WS-832 Digital Voice Recorder
  • 1 x AAA  Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
  • Stereo Earphones
  • User Manual


Optional accessories:

  • ME-33 Boundary Layer Microphone
  • ME-30W 2-Channel Microphone
  • ME-51S Stereo Microphone
  • ME-32 Compact Zoom Microphone
  • E-62 Headset
  • E-102 Headset
  • BR-401 AAA Ni-MH Battery Pack
  • BC-400 Ni-MH Battery Charger