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Olympus DR-2100

Olympus DR-2100


The Olympus DR-2100 USB microphone has a cleverly positioned slider and button layout making dictating as well as using the software extremely easy. 

It also features a new low-noise directional microphone so your recording will have even less unwanted background noises, making replay and transcription a breeze.  The DR-2100 USB - the perfect device for superior speech recognition.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced ergonomic features - with even better slide switch design for a more natural feel and improved reliability, dedicated ergonomic zones for more intuitive operation, thereby minimising inadvertent button pressing, and improved, narrower grip with a smooth and rounded back so you can use this clever device for long periods of time comfortably
  • Superior audio quality - the DR-2100's high-quality, low-noise uni-directional microphone system and adjustable microphone sensor means that you get even better audio quality and voice recognition out of this functional and versatile device across a multitude of different recording conditions and environments
  • Connectivity – comes with a highly durable professional grade USB cable (attached), the DR-2100 features 4 programmable buttons across the front that are easily customized to suit various recording environments
  • Compatibility and software - the DR-2100 is compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software (available separately) and Olympus DSS Player Pro or ODMS R6 software(available separately), with single user or multi user licenses available.  The DR-2100 can be used as a remote control for the Olympus DSS Player Pro and ODMS software for both direct recording and editing recorded files on a PC

Package Contents:

  • Olympus DR-2100 USB digital recording device with USB cable
  • User Manual