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ME33 Boundary Microphone

ME33 Boundary Microphone


Olympus have finally released the ME33 conference microphone in Australia!  For quite some time professionals in the USA and across Europe have been enjoying the benefits of this conference microphone, and now people in Australia can too.  


Probably one of the most versatile microphones on the market, and proving an admirable rival to the extremely effective Philips LFH-9172 Boundary Layer Microphone, the Olympus ME33 boundary microphone is perfect for meetings and conferences.  

The ME33 is a compact, discrete and elegant desktop microphone which is easy to use, fast to set up, inexpensive to purchase, doesn't require batteries (just plug into your voice recorder), and can connect up to six microphones (with stereo jack specs) to record larger audiences.  

The Olympus ME33 boundary microphone can be daisy chained with other ME33's to cover a range of approximately 6-10 metres (when using the max. of 6 mics) and automatically cuts extremely high- and low- frequency sounds so audio recordings are extremely clear.  

The ME33 boundary microphone is perfectly paired with Olympus' premier focus group and meeting recorder, the DM-901; and is compatible with the entire Olympus digital voice recorder range, including the DS-3500 and DS-7000, and WS series.  

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