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ME-32 Compact Zoom Microphone for Keynote Speakers

ME-32 Compact Zoom Microphone for Keynote Speakers

This product is no longer available

This product has been replaced by the Olympus ME-34 Compact Zoom Microphone.  For more information about this new product, and to purchase, click here:  ME34.php



Great for recording keynote speakers at a conference or lecture, the ME-32 microphone limits interference from nearby sound sources ensuring quality audio.  

The unidirectional (mono) design of the Olympus ME-32 compact zoom microphone means you can capture crystal clear audio from your keynote speakers without being impacted by incidental noise, including chatter from attendees, and an included wind screen helps further reduce sound interference.  

Key Features:

  • Crystal clear audio - the unidirectional microphone means capturing key speakers is easier, and the added wind screen helps further reduce interference and incidental noise, leaving you with crystal clear audio during busy conferences and lectures
  • Compatibility – the ME-32 microphone is compatible with Olympus digital stereo voice recorders, including Olympus DM-3
  • Versatile and functional - the ME-32 comes with a cord 1.5 metres in length and is small and light weight, making it highly portable and easy to set up
  • Power supply - simply plug in to wall power and record

Package Contents:

  • ME-32 Compact Zoom Microphone
  • Carry case
  • Wind screen