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Philips LFH-0955 Recorder

Philips LFH-0955 Recorder

This product is no longer available

The Philips LFH-955 Recording Kit has been replaced by the DPM8900 Meeting Recording Kit.  


This information is for reference only.


About the Philips LFH-955 Digital Recorder Kit:

Designed to record meetings, the Philips LFH-0955 conference recorder is an easy-to-use solution that provides excellent sound quality for all your recording needs.

 Philips LFH-0955 User Guide

It features:

  • Out-of-the-box usability
  • Quick, easy and convenient to set up
  • High recording quality in DSS, PCM and MP3 formats
  • Exchangeable memory card for unlimited recording
  • Innovative conference microphones with 360 degree sound pick up for optimal recording (includes 4 x LFH-9172 conference microphones)
  • Automatic file download via USB for quick transcription
  • Ability to easily extend the recording range by connecting up to six meeting microphones

What's included:

  • 4 x boundary layer microphones (LFH-9172)
  • USB docking station (LFH-9120)
  • Click-on interview microphone (electret condenser micrphone)
  • Pocket memo meeting recorder
  • 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries (LFH-9154)
  • Exchangeable memory card
  • Remote control
  • USB to SD card adapter
  • SpeechExec Pro Dictate software
  • USB smart key
  • 2GB SD card
  • Power supply (LFH-9146)
  • Elegant metal carry case
  • User manual

Optional Accessories: