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Olympus DS-3500 Professional Digital Dictaphone

Olympus DS-3500 Professional Digital Dictaphone


The Olympus DS-3500 is ideal for the professional who dictates but also requires the flexibility to record conferences and interviews in PCM/WAV and MP3 formats, which can be achieved when used in conjunction with external microphones.


The versatile DS-3500 features:

  • ability to capture meetings, conferences and interviews in high quality audio using PCM and MP3 formats -(PCM format, using the completely uncompressed .wav file extension, is perfect for recording multiple people speaking at varying ranges from the microphone while MP3 format, higher audio quality but more compressed than PCM, uses less memory), when used in conjunction with the ME-30W 2-channel stereo microphone kit or 2 x ME-33 boundary layer microphones, for conferences;
  • tough metal body with large 2- inch colour LCD screen supporting 3 languages, English, French and Spanish, as well as a personalised welcome message;
  • intuitive design combining optimum ease-of-use -  main commands are easily operated with the thumb via responsive buttons -  with maximum recording quality;
  • optimised productivity - the DS-3500 can work with different author ID's, offers a variety of options for dictation transfer, and comes with Olympus' brand new dictation software - Olympus Dictation management System (ODMS) R6 Dictation Module - compatible with Microsoft Windows7, Vista and XP and Mac OS X-;
  • superior security - combining PIN-based device lock function and 256-bit DSS Pro real time data encryption functions for those sensitive business recordings; 
  • reliable and versatile - specifically designed for the human voice, ensuring the highest recording quality while offering all necessary editing features;
  • files can be assigned across seven folders and saved on either the 2GB internal micro SD card or on an external SD card;
  • fully compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking software;
  • multi-function cradle can be purchased separately;

What's included:

  • DS-3500 Professional Digital Dictaphone
  • Li-ion Battery (710mAh)
  • Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Dictation Software
  • 2GB microSD Card
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Carrying Case

Optional accessories:

A microphone, such as the ME-30W 2-channel stereo microphone kit or 2 x ME-33 boundary layer microphones, which connect directly into the device, is required alongside the DS-3500 in order to record in the PCM or MP3 formats.

 DS-3500 Manual