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Olympus AS-5000 Digital Transcription Kit

Olympus AS-5000 Digital Transcription Kit

This product is no longer available

The AS-5000 Digital Transcription Kit has been superceded by the AS-7000 Digital Transcription Kit.  


About the AS-5000 Digital Transcription Kit

Olympus delivers a seamless transcription kit compatible with all current Olympus dictaphones, and with a little added something – it comes with DSS Player Pro rather than the standard DSS Player.  The AS-5000 comes with all the features of the AS-2400 and combines these with a set of fantastic new functions, including:

  • Receives dictation files and sends created document files by email or FTP (file transfer protocol)
  • Expanded FTP support to include Passive mode and SSL
  • Sorts received dictation files by sender, and automatically sends created document files
  • Manages created document files in association with dictation files
  • Background dictation notification support and
  • Transcribing time left indicator instead of time commenced – enabling more efficient workflow planning

With these handy extra functions you've got a fully supported transcription solution. 

The AS-5000 comes equipped with standard features including:

  • Managing DSS Pro, DSS, WAV, WMA and MP3 audio files;
  • Individual sorting/organisation of dictation and documents;
  • Job Status info (i.e. finished, pending, cancel job);
  • Author ID setting;
  • Noise Cancellation;
  • Playback speed control;
  • Automatic start up when recorder is connected;
  • Insert comment into audio file for later reference or when sharing info;
  • Rename folders to reflect the workflow of office or individual;
  • Standard foot control functions of Play/Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward;
  • Easily accessible volume, speed and noise cancellation controls; and
  • Minimise main screen to enable clear access to your preferred word processing package, such as MS Word.  

What's Included:

  • RS-28 Footswitch 
  • E-62 stereo headset with foams 
  • DSS Player Pro transcription software (AS-5002) which supports DSS Pro [.ds2] format