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Olympus AS-2400 Digital Transcription Kit

Olympus AS-2400 Digital Transcription Kit


The Olympus AS-2400 transcription kit is a well-known and highly trusted product that delivers transcription with consistency, reliability, and easy-to-use functions for improved office workflow.  


Complete with transcription foot pedal, headset, and powerful software, the AS-2400 can easily be integrated into the workflow of any office system, streamlining data sharing and distribution of dictations between professionals, departments and office locations.

Key features

  • Rename Folders to reflect the workflow of the office or individual
  • Minimise main screen to enable clear access to MS Word or the like
  • Easily accessible volume and speed controls, noise cancellation adjustment and auto backspace settings
  • Downloaded files arrive in the same folder from which they were downloaded i.e. dictation in Folder "A" on the portable will be downloaded to Folder "A" in the software
  • Use the supplied footswitch or keyboard function keys to control Play/Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward functions
  • Auto backspace setting function available in options menu within DSS software and can be set to automatically rewind the voice between 0-5 seconds
  • Insert comment into an audio file of up to 100 characters so you can share information with other users or keep notes for later reference
  • DSS file management using separate folders
  • Job status info including "finished", "pending", "cancel job"
  • Manages DSS Pro, DSS, WAV, WMA, and MP3 audio files
  • Author ID setting by software
  • Add new sub-folders in dictation folder
  • Automatic startup when recorder is connected

The AS-2400 transcription kit is compatible with the Olympus DS, DM, WS, VN-3500PC and VN-5500PC range of dictaphones and digital recorders.   

What's Included

  • RS-28 Footswitch 
  • E-102 stereo headset with 3m cable
  • DSS Player Standard transcription software 

Want a digital dictaphone which seamlessly combines with the AS-2400 transcription kit?  Try the Olympus DS-2500 digital dictaphone.