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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 13


Dragon Professional 13 is speech recognition software for professionals, specifically designed for business, government and academic use.  

Dragon Professional 13 is a step above Dragon Premium 13, which targets home and student use.  

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional V13 has the extremely important Roaming User feature, which is the ability to synchronize a user profile across multiple computers.  This feature is NOT available with Dragon Professional Individual 14.

Dragon Professional 13 features key functionalities not available in Dragon Premium, including: 

  • Very large vocabulary, which improves accuracy through constant use;
  • Simple voice control by the user (using standard speech recognition commands), of a wide variety of activities professionals use on a daily basis, (including most of the Microsoft Office suite);
  • Advanced network and vocabulary features, including ability for network administrator to manage multiple user profiles, across the organisation;
  • Create almost any command which is useful to your particular unique set of work circumstances, e.g. assign simple voice commands for tasks that you perform the same way, everyday, to cut down on repetition and save time!  Even better, share this command so that other users in your organisation don’t have to create the same voice command for the same work template.