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What equipment/technology is recommended for typing contractors?

Due to the need to download large audio files,contractors must have a broadband Internet service installed. For compatibility reasons it is also suggested that contractors have a PC (desktop or laptop) running an operating system no older than Windows XP and Microsoft Office no older than 2003.  

Please note that we strongly advise against the use of Apple/Mac computers as they are unable to play several of the major file types used by Pacific and our clients. 

Contractors need to be able to produce transcripts from a range of audio recordings with variable audio quality. In general, we find that a set of external speakers with volume control, and a set of good quality headphones, provides optimum audio quality.  

It is also recommended that contractors purchase the audio player Express Scribe Professional and a transcription foot pedal which is compatible with Express Scribe, as this is the main audio player used by Pacific Transcription.  

Contact the Pacific Products Team for further information on recommended products, or visit the foot pedals and  transcription kits area on our online shop.