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Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-812

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-812

This product is no longer available

The Olympus WS-812 has been replaced by the new Olympus WS-832 digital voice recorder. 

This page is for reference only.

About the WS-812

Cutting Edge Technology In A Simple Device!

The WS-812 features two internal directional condenser microphones and boasts direct connect USB connection, calendar search function, and plenty of memory with 4GB internal and micro SD compatibility.

Great new features include:

  • 1,016 hours of recording  time – 4GB memory and micro SD removable media;
  • new voice balancer function - perfect for interviews or meetings where one person's voice might drown out others based on where the recorder is located;
  • new voice playback function - allows you to skip the non-voice portions of a recording;
  • direct link to your Mac/PC via USB;
  • PCM, MP3 and WMA recording - offering more versatility and enabling expanded recording capacity;
  • USB storage device with battery charge function - transfer data and charge battery at the same time;
  • noise cancellation - dampen or minimise unwanted background sounds;
  • scene select function - microphones will automatically adjust to capture the best sound for your setting - choose from lecture, conference, meetings, or dictation; 
  • 99 index marks and file move;

What's included:

  • WS-812 Digital Voice Recorder
  • 1 X AAA rechargeable battery
  • Stereo earphones
  • User Manual

Optional accessories: